Lohri 2022: Lohri today, know the importance and auspicious time of putting Revdi-peanuts in the fire

Lohri 2022: The festival of Lohri is being celebrated on 13th January, a day before Makar Sankranti. The festival of Lohri is a festival of meeting each other and sharing happiness. On this day there is a view of special celebration in Punjab and Haryana. On this day it is customary to offer sesame, jaggery, gajak, revdi and groundnut in the fire. This custom is related to farmers. Let us know the auspicious time of Lohri Puja and what is the importance of offering Revdi-Peanuts in the fire?

That’s why Revdi-Peanuts are put in the fire.
The festival of Lohri is no less than a big festival for the farmers. On this day the time of harvesting and sowing of the crop begins. In the fire of Lohri, things like Sesame, Revdi, Groundnut, Jaggery etc. are offered to Agni Dev and Sun God as a new crop. While offering these things, the farmers express their gratitude to both the gods that by their grace the crop continues to be good and there should be no problem in the coming crop. On this day people dance and sing around it by lighting a fire and celebrate happiness.

Lohri Puja Muhurta and Worship Method
The auspicious time for Lohri Puja will start today, January 13, from 7:45 pm on Thursday. In an auspicious time, light a fire by placing a pile of wood and dry fruits in a clean open space. After giving Ardhya, offer Revdi, dry fruits, groundnut, Gajak in it. Do 7 rounds of this holy fire. While doing the circumambulation, keep offering Revdi, Groundnut, Sesame etc. in it. After completing the circumambulation, take the blessings of the elders.

The story of Dulla Bhatti is heard
On the day of Lohri, a bonfire is lit and a dance is performed around it. Along with this, the story of Dulla Bhatti is heard by making a circle near the fire on this day. Hearing the story of Dulla Bhatti on Lohri has a special significance. It is believed that during the time of Akbar, a person named Dulla Bhatti lived in Punjab during the Mughal period. At that time some rich merchants used to sell the girls of the city instead of goods, then Dulla Bhatti saved those girls and got them married. It is said that since then every year on the festival of Lohri, in the memory of Dulla Bhatti, the tradition of narrating his story is going on.