Monday , May 20 2024

Like India's 'Mannat', Shahrukh's 'Jannat' is in Dubai, cost around Rs 100 crore, Prime Minister is the neighbor…

Shahrukh's 100 crore bungalow in Palm Jumeirah: Shahrukh Khan has been creating waves in the industry for decades. Shahrukh, popularly known as 'Romance King', has earned fame and money on the basis of his talent and hard work. Today he has no dearth of wealth. He travels in luxury cars and lives in a luxurious house worth crores.

The price of 'Jannat' is around 100 crores

Shahrukh Khan has many luxurious houses. His dream palace is 'Mannat', which Shahrukh bought in the year 2001. Shahrukh owns several lavish properties, including a bungalow named 'Jannat' in Dubai. Also, he did not buy this bungalow, but got it as a gift.

Who gifted the bungalow?

A video from the sets of Shahrukh Khan's film 'Jannat' in front of Palm Jumeirah in Dubai is going viral on the internet. Palm Jumeirah is known as the largest man-made island. In the video, Shahrukh himself has revealed that he has not bought this house, but Nakhil has gifted it to him. Nakheel is a Dubai-based developer who gifted her a bungalow in 2007. In the video, Shahrukh is seen talking about his house in Dubai.

Price of Shahrukh Khan's Dubai House?

Shahrukh's house in Dubai is worth Rs 100 crore. Shahrukh's villa is spread over 14000 square feet. The two-storey house has a private beach area. This bungalow built in front of the sea has a beautiful view of the sea. Shahrukh's bungalow has 6 bedrooms, two remote operated garages, private pool and world class facilities. The interior of this house has been done by Gauri Khan.

Khan family spends time here

Shahrukh also said, 'I recently came to know that Dubai Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Ali is my neighbour.' Also, no one can enter this house easily. Hi-tech security has been installed everywhere. It is also said that Jannat has been designed keeping in mind the success and achievements of Shahrukh.