Monday , May 20 2024

Letter written in blood to Prime Minister for stoppage of Chitrakoot Express

Hamirpur 24 February (HS). Advocate Saurabh Mishra wrote a letter in blood to the Prime Minister on Saturday for the stoppage of Chitrakoot Express at Ichauli railway station.

For the residents of Ichauli village, situated at the far end, seventy kilometers away from the district headquarters, train travel is the only way to reach the district headquarters. No government vehicles ply here in this area. More than a dozen villages are connected to Ichauli railway station, which come to and from this station. Half a dozen trains including Garib Rath Express, Intercity Express, Durg Express, Chitrakoot Express, Kanpur Passenger run on Kanpur-Banda route via Ichauli. But there is only one passenger train stoppage at Ichauli station. It is not that express trains did not stop here. Before the Corona epidemic, the stoppage of Chitrakoot Express was at Ichauli station. Stoppages of trains were stopped during the Corona epidemic. Which is closed till today.

Ichauli resident Saurabh Mishra Advocate said that after recovery from the Corona epidemic, even when trains started running smoothly in the country, the stop of Chitrakoot Express going from Lucknow to Jabalpur was not made again at Ichauli station. Several times correspondence was made with the Divisional Railway Manager, Jhansi. But if the problem is not solved, efforts are being made to draw the Prime Minister's attention towards this problem by writing a letter with one's own blood.

Arvind Shivhare said that due to non-stoppage of the said train, students of the town and rural areas, businessmen of the town, employees of government institutions and the general public are facing a lot of inconvenience.

It is noteworthy that there is only one train from this area. Which connects the area to the state capital Lucknow. A large number of students from local and far-flung rural areas used to go to study daily from Ichauli railway station through the said train. Dozens of townspeople including Mahesh Gupta, Omhari Sahu, Dr. Keshav Nandan Pal, Anuj Kumar, Pawan Pal, Omji were present on this occasion.