Sunday , May 19 2024

Lack of values ​​cause for concern

To live as a good person in the society, we have to follow many rules. Only a person who keeps a close eye on moral education truly deserves to be called a good citizen of the country. Only those who protect moral education make valuable contributions to the progress of the country. Although most of the people were uneducated earlier, they still considered adopting moral values ​​as their religion. That is why there was so much peace in his life. People of that time used to pass on the virtues of moral education to their children from generation to generation.

Because of this, people considered each other's pain as their own pain and everyone respected their elders a lot. In villages, even strangers were respected by calling them uncle and aunt. The tragedy is that today a large number of the young generation is deprived of such education. Most of the youth who consider themselves educated consider it against their honor to call an elderly person living in their neighborhood. Due to lack of moral education, the number of old age homes is increasing because the elderly are being neglected. People without moral education do not respect women. Like earlier, nowadays even in schools/colleges students are not given moral education. Wasteful expenditure, use of drugs, riots at weddings and other functions, not working for others, not following rules etc. are happening due to lack of moral education. It is often seen in many offices that some young employees mislead people, especially senior citizens, instead of giving them cooperation/respect. Many people start considering themselves as if they are God.

They forget that they are public servants. Large scale decline in moral education in today's young generation will prove to be very harmful for the society. For the betterment of the society, the young generation should connect with the elders and acquire moral education. Parents should also make their children aware of moral education. Moral education should be taught to the students in schools/colleges also so that the society which is getting hotter day by day can be saved.