Friday , April 19 2024

Know the benefits of eating purple potatoes, a boon for blood pressure patients

benefits of purple potatoes The peel of purple potatoes is purple in color but its taste is very different from that of normal potatoes. Purple potatoes are very popular in South America and you can easily find them in the markets there. However, it is less common in Indian markets.

Purple potatoes are easily available in supermarkets. Purple potatoes look exactly like normal potatoes. These are more nutritious than white potatoes. Purple potatoes have a lot of nutritional value. The amount of starch in it is very less.

Benefits of eating purple potatoes

Eating purple potatoes reduces the risk of cancer. It has anti-cancer properties. Purple potatoes are so rich in nutrients that the risk of cell tumors also reduces. According to research, eating potatoes reduces the chances of colon and intestinal cancer by 50 percent.

Blood pressure remains under control

Eating purple potatoes keeps both blood pressure and low blood pressure under control. Very beneficial for patients. Eating purple potatoes reduces systolic blood pressure by 3% and diastolic blood pressure by about 4%.

digestive power is strengthened

Purple potatoes are rich in polyphenols. Due to which the complaint of constipation goes away. It contains very high amount of fiber which is very beneficial for the intestines.

beneficial for liver

Purple potatoes are rich in anti-oxidants. This helps a lot in curing liver related diseases. Eating purple potatoes increases the action of antioxidants. Liver fat also reduces.

Purple potatoes are very beneficial for health. Eating this reduces the risk of many diseases. Including it in the diet is very good for the body.