Kerala: Bishop Franco Mullakal acquitted of all charges by special court in the case of sexual assault with a nun

The nun was raped by a special court in Kerala on Friday.Kerala Nun Rape Case) in the case of Bishop Franco Mulcall (Bishop Franco Mulakkal) has been acquitted. Mullakal was accused of raping the nun several times between 2014 and 2016. Franco Mulakkal was the first Catholic bishop in India to be arrested for sexually abusing a nun. Kottayam (Kottayam) court has acquitted him of all charges after a trial that lasted more than 100 days. In the year 2018, Mullakal was accused of sexual harassment by a nun of a congregation under Jalandhar diocese.

Mullakal was accused of sexually abusing a nun several times during his visit to his convent while he was the bishop of Jalandhar province. A special investigation team was formed in the case (Charges Against Bishop Franco Mulakkal). Which was investigating all the charges against the bishop, who was arrested in September 2018. He was charged with wrongful confinement, rape, unnatural sex and criminal intimidation of a nun. The hearing in the case started in November 2019.

There was a ban on the publication of the news

During the hearing of this case, the court barred the print and electronic media from publishing anything related to the trial without its permission. As soon as the court’s decision in the case came, the bishop left the court (Kerala Nun Case Verdict). He also did not respond to the questions being asked by the media. At the same time, thanking God with folded hands. The charge sheet was filed in this case about three years ago. In which the statements of 83 witnesses were recorded. Also, 30 evidences including laptop phones were seized.

Judgment is a blow for the nun

A complaint was made to the Kerala Police in this matter. In which it was told that Franco had raped a nun in a guest house in Himachal Pradesh in 2014. Then in two years, the nun was raped 14 times. However, the court has now acquitted Mullakal of all these charges. The court’s decision is a big setback for the nun. Who has already paid a heavy price for making the allegation. She had thought of becoming a nun at the age of just 15. Not only was he evicted from the convent, but the bishop’s supporters also threatened and tried to defame him several times.