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Karwa Chauth 2023: Sargi of Kadvi Chauth is very special, prepare the thali like this

Karva Chauth 2023: In Hindu religion, women observe the fast of Kadva Chauth for the long life of their husbands. On the day of Karva Chauth, women observe Nirja fast till the moon rises. In this fast, Saubhagyavati worships the moon by adorning her shoes for the long life of her husband.

This year, Kadva Choth fast will be observed on Wednesday, November 1. As important as the Kadva Choth Puja is, the Sargi thali served before the fast on this day is also considered equally special.

According to Hindu religious tradition, the mother-in-law gives a plate of sargi to her daughter-in-law. In this report we will know what should be kept in Sargi thali on the day of Kadva Choth fast?

Auspicious time of Kadva Choth 2023 – This year the Chaturthi tithi of Kartik Krishna Paksha will start at 9.30 pm on Tuesday, October 31 and will end at 9.29 pm on November 1. Kadva Choth fast is on Wednesday morning from 6:36 am to 8:26 am. Karva Chauth puja is on November 1 from 5.44 pm to 7.02 pm. Moonrise on that day will be at 8.26 am.

Kadva Choth Puja – Take a bath on the day of Kadva Choth and resolve to fast. Keep a waterless fast the whole day. Collect worship materials. Make Gauri and Ganesh from clay. Offer wedding items like bangles, bindi, chunari and vermillion to Goddess Parvati. Break the fast by looking at the moon at night.

Keep these things in the Sargi Thali of Kadva Choth

Decorative items – Sargi thali should have decorative items like bindi, anklets, bangles, red saree, gajra, mahwar.

Fruits- While decorating the plate for Sargi, there should be different types of fruits in it. It should contain apple and pineapple.

Sweets- Sargi thali is considered incomplete without sweets. The mother-in-law should make the daughter-in-law’s mouth salty by feeding her sweets.

Dry fruits and coconut – On the day of Kadva Choth one has to fast for the whole day. Therefore, it is important to keep dry fruits and coconut in the sargi plate.

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