Wednesday , July 17 2024

Karthik's Chandu Champion box office collection falls short of expectations

Mumbai: Karthik Aryan's film Chandu Champion has been released on Friday. Which is a sports drama. Based on the life of Paralympic gold medalist Muralikant Petkar. In which Karthik has played the character of Muralikant. The opening day collection of the film was a little more than Rs 4.75 crore, which is much less than expected. The hopes of the filmmaker have been dashed. The opening day collection of Karthik's films so far has been more than 6 crores. Chandu Champion was expected to earn Rs 6-7 crore on the first day, but its opening collection has been disappointing. At the same time, the film Munjya has collected 40.25 crores so far. It is worth noting that the film Munjya has entered its second weekend.

The problems of this film have not ended yet. The film Munjya Nadwani is in the collection of this film on the weekend. Which is also getting audience and the film is earning well at the box office. Only time will tell how much Kartik Aryan's film earns on Saturday and Sunday. Munjya film has earned more than Rs 40 crore so far.

It is worth noting that Karthik has worked harder in this film than in all his previous films. He has played a serious role for the first time in this film. Since Karthik is a respected actor of today's generation, the producer was confident that his film would earn a lot at the box office. But given the current situation, there is every possibility that Asha will choose to cheat.