Wednesday , July 24 2024

Justice Ambuj Nath | Live Updates, Unveiling the Latest India News Trends

Ranchi, June 16 (HS). On Sunday, Apna Ghar was inaugurated at Shri Krishna Pranami Mangal Radhika Sadanand Sevadham Divyang Ashram, Pundag. Along with this, 21 destitute got the gift of their own house. High Court Justice Ambuj Nath inaugurated it. Director General of Police Ajay Kumar Singh was the chief guest, Chief Income Tax Commissioner Kumar Sanjay and DC Rahul Kumar Sinha were present as special guests.

Justice Ambuj Nath said that everyone wants to support the helpless and help people but due to many reasons they are unable to do so. He said that earlier Jhalasa used to help the helpless only with legal advice but now its scope has increased. It is also benefiting the mentally helpless. He said that our endeavour will be that Jhalasa also becomes a partner in this noble work.

Dr Madhuri Bhardwaj said that due to the meaningful initiative of Santshree, eight ashrams are already being run across the country. This is the ninth Apna Ghar in the capital. She said that here the physically and mentally helpless will be given all the facilities from medical treatment to all the useful facilities for life free of cost. Sawarmal Goyal of the organization who came from Delhi said that donations are not asked for this service work. A note is put in the name of Thakur ji. Due to his grace, some or the other philanthropist fulfills the need.

While giving his blessings, Sant Sadanand said that there is no dearth of people working in the society with the spirit of 'Nar Seva Narayan Seva'. The only thing that is lacking is people who take service. In other states, such 'Apna Ghar' (homes) are fulfilling their objectives. This is the first ashram in Jharkhand. Soon it will be expanded further. After the ceremony, Santshree left for Delhi.