Thursday , April 18 2024

Joe Biden better or Donald Trump? Putin expressed his preference for the US President – ​​News India Live

US Presidential Election 2024: Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview on Wednesday that he prefers Joe Biden to Donald Trump. But he is willing to work with any American President. During the interview, Putin was asked who was 'better for us', Biden, a Democrat, and Trump, a Republican. Putin immediately endorsed Joe Biden without hesitation. Putin said that Joe Biden is an experienced and promising politician.

Putin comments publicly on 2024 US election race for first time

This is the first time Putin has publicly commented on the 2024 US election race. Trump and Biden may face each other for the second consecutive time in this election. According to the report, relations between America and Russia are currently the worst in the last 60 years. Putin's comments during the elections can be considered mischievous.

Joe Biden has led the West during the Ukraine-Russia war. Meanwhile, the US has expanded the NATO alliance and imposed sanctions on Moscow. In addition, it has given Kiev billions of dollars in aid and weapons. During the interview, Putin said it would be inappropriate to interfere in the affairs of a US presidential candidate, but he gave his opinion on both leaders and also responded on Joe Biden's mental state.

Putin's reaction to Joe Biden's mental condition

When asked about Biden's mental condition, Putin said, I met Joe Biden in Switzerland about three years ago. During this time I did not see anything like this. Putin defended Joe Biden and said that Joe Biden is being embarrassed in America by raising the issue of his mental condition. However, Putin said Joe Biden was hit on the head while exiting a helicopter in June last year.

Putin said about Trump that Trump is a non-systemic politician. Trump has a different view of how the United States should develop relations with its allies. Vladimir Putin has been in power as President or Prime Minister of Russia since 1999, but at 71, he is about 10 years younger than Joe Biden and 6 years younger than Trump.