The story of Popatlal’s ornaments had troubled not only the residents of Gokuldham but also the audience of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. Brother….after all, everyone was upset thinking about where Popatlal’s jewelry went. The box was found but it was empty, seeing that Bhide was blown away and the worst thing happened was that the jewelry was found from Jethalal’s house that too from Bapuji’s cupboard. From which it was clear that Jethalal had committed the theft and all preparations had been made for his going to jail. Handcuffs were put on and the Gokuldham people started cursing Jethalal. But then Bapuji came as a messiah for Jethalal and saved Jethalal.

Jethalal did not steal
Actually, the charge in which Jethalal was being arrested was not stolen by him. Rather, he did not know that the ornaments are in his house. Because Bapuji himself had kept these ornaments hidden from Jethalal. When Bhide went to give the ornaments to Jethalal, he had left the ornaments open on the table. When Bapuji saw this, he understood that Jethia has become very careless. So Bapuji closed the box and took out the ornaments and kept it with himself so that he could teach him a lesson. That is, the empty box of jewelry kept roaming in the entire Gokuldham.
Bapuji saved my life
When Jethalal was arrested by the police, Bapuji saved Jethalal by reaching the last spot. The entire matter was informed to Inspector Chulbul Pandey and Chulbul Pandey handed over the ornaments to Bhide considering Jethalal to be innocent. On the next day, Popatlal reached Bhide and Bhide gave all the ornaments back to him.