Friday , June 14 2024

Janjgir: Stop dam opens the way for prosperity of farmers, brings a smile of prosperity on their faces

Korba/Janjgir-Champa, 19 February (HS). The work of water harvesting and conservation and promotion of water sources is being done very well through the Water Resources Department. These works are strengthening the farming activities and by expanding irrigation facilities to the farmers, their livelihoods are being strengthened and their economic condition is becoming stronger. Something similar has happened with the farmers after the construction of the stop dam cum ramp built on Bohanala in Gram Panchayat Jewra of Pamgarh District Panchayat of the district. Now farmers started getting water for Kharif as well as Rabi crops. On one hand, old Narva got revival and on the other hand, the path to prosperity and prosperity of the village was opened.

Water is life and this water proved to be a boon for Gram Panchayat Jewra when a stop dam was built in his village. Executive Engineer Hasdev Canal Water Management Division has constructed a stop dam under Pamgarh Development Block by the Water Resources Department with the administrative approval of Rs 2 crore 40 lakh, but the situation was not like this earlier, the villagers say that before the stop dam was not constructed, the water of this drain was flowing. It used to dry up only after the rains, so it was difficult for the farmers to think about taking double crop, and also there was no water available for the cattle herders, due to which their problems increased. The villagers said that Bohanala flows through Jewra Gram Panchayat. Thought of treating the drain in a systematic manner. Regarding this, the Water Resources Department Executive Engineer and other officials inspected the site and discussed with the villagers. After the proposal was ready, it was sent to the government for approval.

After getting administrative approval from the government, the work of construction of stop dam and dam on this drain was started. After continuous monitoring of departmental officers, the stop dam was ready by installing 75 meter length, 1.50 height and 6 gates. When gurgling water started flowing from the stop dam, there was no limit to the happiness of the villagers. After the stop dam was ready, about 0.56 million cubic meters of water started getting conserved in this drain.

Farmers were happy after getting the stop dam

Due to the construction of the stop dam, water conservation and water conservation work has been done in the village and a blanket of greenery has started spreading in the surrounding areas. Village farmers Amrit Lal Kenwat, Ghanshyam, Faniram Kashyap, Rajesh Khunte, Khikhram Kashyap, Santosh Kashyap, Kanhaiya Kashyap, Subelal Kashyap say that after the construction of the stop dam, water for crops of both the seasons has started getting available. After the construction of the stop dam, there is an improvement in the water level, due to which the land of the farmers is being irrigated. Nearby farmers are benefiting from this and are emerging as economically prosperous farmers by earning better profits. At the same time, the amount of moisture in the surrounding land has started persisting. The water level of its hand pumps, wells and ponds has also increased, due to which the villagers are easily getting water even during summer.