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Jaggery Side Effects: Eat more jaggery because it is beneficial, then know about its side effects

Side Effects of Jaggery: It is seen in most people that after eating they have a craving to eat a little sweet. Especially in India, people definitely keep something sweet in their homes. However, not everyone is lucky enough to eat dessert after every mile. While some people oppose it keeping health in mind, some people stay away from them to avoid diabetes and diabetes related problems. However, on the other hand there are some people for whom sweets are so important that it can set their mood for the whole day. But everyone cannot depend on delicious and wonderful sweets as sweets, that’s why you may or may not get sweets in every house in India but jaggery is definitely available.

But do you know whether eating jaggery daily is safe or not? If you are continuously eating jaggery without thinking about this question, then you must know about this aspect. Undoubtedly, jaggery is full of goodness of nature and it is loaded with nutrients like iron, potassium, magnesium, protein. But it is said that ‘excess of anything’ is injurious to health, so is the case with jaggery. This saying also applies to the consumption of this healthy dessert. Jaggery is an excellent source of health, but its excess can cause many problems in the body. Especially if you are suffering from a disease like diabetes. Let us know about the side effects of this natural sweetener-

Side effects of excessive consumption of jaggery-

1. May Raise Blood Sugar Levels

Many people find jaggery a good substitute for their sweet cravings and consume it as a safe sweetener. But you will be surprised to know that 100 grams of jaggery contains about 10-15 grams of fructose. Therefore, consuming it daily can increase your blood sugar. That’s why consuming more jaggery acts like sugar in your body, so think before consuming it more.

2. risk of parasitic infection

Jaggery is made from sugarcane juice, which is refined to make jaggery. But the technology and conditions used to make it are largely unknown. In such a situation, if the raw material is not cleaned properly, bacteria may be present in the jaggery. Hence, you should choose your jaggery wisely and also avoid consuming too much.

3. Can be allergic to food

Jaggery, which is known to be a natural sweetener, cannot be said to cause food allergies. But sometimes excessive consumption of jaggery can cause problems like abdominal pain, cold, cough, nausea, headache and vomiting. Therefore, while eating jaggery, always keep in mind that do not consume it in excess.

4. Excessive intake can lead to weight gain

You must have seen that health freaks consume jaggery thinking that it will not affect their diet plan, but they may not know that eating more jaggery can increase your weight. Jaggery is rich in fructose and glucose along with proteins and fats. There are approximately 383 calories in 100 grams of Jaggery.

5. Can cause constipation

Jaggery in small amounts can help build immunity and strengthen metabolism. But if you consume too much jaggery, it can cause an imbalance in the digestive system, which can lead to constipation. Jaggery has a warming effect and can generate excess heat in the body, which can affect digestion. That’s why it becomes necessary to consume it in limited quantity.

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