Tuesday , June 18 2024

ISRO launches Insat-3DS satellite: Weather will be accurately predicted

Sriharikota/Bengaluru: Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) successfully launched INSAT-3DS satellite today, Saturday, February 17 at 5:35 pm from the second launchpad of Sriharikota Spaceport. The satellite is launched into its geosynchronous orbit by a GSLV-14 rocket.

ISRO Chairman Shridhar Pannikar Somnath expressed happiness and said that today our naughty boy has become a disciplined and obedient boy. Well done. (GSLV rocket technology is very challenging hence ISRO calls it Notiboy) Now with the help of this GSLV we will successfully launch NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) satellite in the near future. Today's success has increased our confidence. ,

The cryogenic engine is installed in the uppermost part of the three-stage GSLV rocket. The upper part of the rocket separated today, just 20 minutes after liftoff.

In the final phase, the satellite was placed in its geosynchronous orbit at a distance of 36,000 km. Now after a few days, the necessary command will be given to the satellite to rotate in the same orbit.

ISRO sources said the objective of INSAT-3DS satellite is to provide accurate weather forecast, useful information on rainfall, storms, sea level changes, cloud movement, moisture content in the atmosphere, snow content, forest fires, land temperature etc. Have to receive.

This new satellite will be used by agencies like Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), National Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF), Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IIT .M.), National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) etc. Capable of accurately predicting wide changes in weather by obtaining images along with statistical data.

INSET-3DS has a total of four scientific instruments namely (1) Imager (2) Sounder (3) Data Relay Transponder (4) Satellite Aided Search and Rescue Transponder. The satellite will get energy from solar panels, modern technology batteries, 1505 watt power generation etc.