Saturday , July 13 2024

Israel's unanimous resolution against Palestine, America opposes

There has been a war going on between Israel and Hamas for a long time. The ideological gap between America and Israel is increasing amid the ongoing war. Israel's cabinet has unanimously passed a resolution. This proposal is completely opposite to the stance of the American side. The Israeli Cabinet has decided that Israel completely rejects all international mandates regarding permanent settlements with Palestine. However, if an agreement is reached, it must be done through direct communication between the parties without any preconditions. The resolution states that Israel will continue to oppose unilateral recognition of Palestine. Israel said that this proposal would be a big gift against terrorism.

America has responded to Israel's proposal. US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said the creation of a Palestinian state is the best option for a permanent end to the crisis in Gaza. America is committed to the creation of a separate Palestine. The US strongly supports a two-state solution. The United States opposes all policies that are contrary to mutual interests and values.

Free the hostages or we will destroy Rafah too: Israel threatens

An Israeli cabinet meeting has warned Palestinians that if Hamas does not release hostages before Ramadan, the Israeli army will launch a ground attack on Rafah after March 10. Cabinet member Benny Gantz said, “The world and Hamas must know that the fighting will not stop if Israeli hostages do not return home by Ramadan.” Attacks on areas including Rafah will intensify. The month of Ramadan is starting from 10th March.