Saturday , July 13 2024

Is it right to eat flax seeds in summer? Know when it causes harm

If flaxseed is called a magical seed, then there will be nothing wrong. These small seeds contain a lot of nutrients. Which is no less than a boon for vegetarians. Flaxseed contains omega 3 fatty acids as well as alpha linolenic acid. Which is very beneficial for health, but along with eating flaxseed, it is also important to know some things. After all, flaxseed can harm the body instead of benefiting it.

According to Ayurveda, flaxseed is hot in nature, due to which there is a fear of imbalance of bile and phlegm in the body. Therefore, flaxseed can be eaten anytime in summers, but it is important to keep some things in mind while eating it, otherwise it can cause harm instead of benefit.

Flax seeds provide relief from constipation and increase bowel movement. In such a situation, if you eat these seeds in large quantities, it can cause complaints like stomach pain, gas, swelling, vomiting.

Flaxseed contains an extract called lignan which acts like estrogen hormone. If you are consuming flaxseed continuously for 6 months then do not consume more than this. Continuous consumption of flaxseed for more than 6 months can cause side effects of this lignan extract on the body.

Apart from this, do not be careless in eating raw flaxseed. Raw flaxseed or half-cooked flaxseed can be poisonous and harmful to health. Eating flaxseed during pregnancy can cause harmful factors due to lignan extracts.