Thursday , April 18 2024

Iran's gas pipeline explosion, government claims terrorist attack

There has been chaos in Iran due to two explosions in the main pipeline passing through the south-northern part of Iran.

The Iranian government, without naming anyone, has alleged that the gas pipeline has been vandalized. However, the government has denied allegations that the explosion disrupted gas supplies to industries in some provinces of Iran.

Iran's Cabinet Minister Javad Ovji said that the terrorist act of sabotage of the pipeline was carried out at midnight on Wednesday. Because of this, gas had to be cut in the villages near the pipeline. However, later the repair of the pipeline was completed and now the gas supply has been restored.

He also mentioned the brutality that took place in 2011 and said that even then due to such terrorist acts, gas supply was disrupted in four parts of the country.

In 2017, an Iranian rebel group claimed to blow up two gas pipelines in the western part. After that once again the gas pipeline has been targeted.

However, Iran has not yet held any organization responsible for this.