Friday , April 19 2024

Information about recreating SP Balasubramaniam's voice with AI

Mumbai: Late in the Telugu film 'Keeda Kola'. Singer A.P. Balasubramaniam's voice was recreated with the help of AI. Singer's son S.P. Kalyancharan has sent a notice to the film producers.

Some time ago, musician A. R. Rahman also recreated the voices of two deceased singers. However, in that case Rahman had claimed that he had taken the consent of the singers' families.

However, SP Balasubramaniam's family was not even informed before his voice was recreated with the help of AI. They are not even given any royalty.

Film composer Vivek Sagar in an interview with S.P. The family came to know about this when Balasubramaniam admitted that his voice had been recreated.

Family members say that it is very wrong to misuse the voice of a dead person in this way. At least his family should have been taken into confidence in this matter. After a person's death, his voice does not become public property.