Friday , June 14 2024

Industry association remained active even on the pre-poll day, distributed voting invitation cards in business establishments

Bikaner, 18 April (His). Under the leadership of Bikaner District Industries Association President Dwarka Prasad Pachisia, Virendra Kiradu, Sushil Bansal and Prem Khandelwal made voters aware about voting in the business establishments and Khazanchi Market located on KEM Road. Also inspired people to make their home, family, locality and their relatives aware to vote as much as possible on 19th April.

Pachisia told the general voters that 71 business establishments were giving 3 to 50 percent special discount on showing the ink mark applied on the finger after voting on 19th and 20th to increase the voting percentage by the District Industries Association with the inspiration of the District Election Officer. Also encouraged to take advantage of discounts. Also, by distributing invitation letters, the voters should have full faith in democracy and dignity of democratic traditions, keeping intact the dignity of free, fair and peaceful elections, without fear of being influenced by religion, class, caste, community, language or any other inducement. An appeal was made to cast as many votes as possible without exercising one's right to vote.