Thursday , April 18 2024

Indore: Committee inspected fire safety in Sarafa Chowpatty

Indore, 16 February (HS). The Municipal Corporation committee formed by the Mayor reached Sarafa Chowpatty on Friday night to find answers to the questions arising regarding fire safety in Sarafa Chowpatty of the city. The committee members found that cylinders were being used indiscriminately in Chowpatty. There is a large crowd and if an incident occurs, a stampede-like situation may arise.

Committee Chairman Rajendra Rathore and members Niranjan Singh Chauhan and Rakesh Sharma visited the Chowpatty spread over half a kilometer. He asked the shopkeepers how much care is taken of fire safety while preparing food. What safety measures are in place in case of an accident? Residents of Sarafa area also came to meet the members. He told that two months ago a house in Sarafa had caught fire. Even fire brigades could not reach here due to narrow streets. The Chowpatty residents have not made security arrangements. Even a small accident can take a big turn here.

On this occasion, committee chairman Rajendra Rathore said that bullion is no longer the same as before. Most of the people here cook food on cylinders. Families also live there. According to the circumstances created, the bullion is sitting on a pile of gunpowder.

Officials of Avantika Gas Company visited Sarafa. A survey has started to determine whether a gas pipeline can be laid in the street or not. The company will prepare its report and submit it to the Municipal Corporation by 20th February.

Committee Chairman Rajendra Rathore said that earlier the shopkeepers in Sarafa used to prepare the dishes at home and bring them and sell them in Sarafa, but now things are not the same as before. Most of the shopkeepers prepare dishes in Chowpatty. Even coal is being burnt for Paneer Tikka. Where can the Chowpatty be shifted or what measures should be taken at the current location. All these options will be considered.