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Indiscriminate sex after taking stimulant pills on wedding night, bride died, sister-in-law revealed the whole secret

In Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh, a groom created a big scandal on his wedding night. During the wedding night, the groom started having sex with the new bride by taking intoxicating pills. At night, they had such an affair under the influence of alcohol that the bride had to be taken to the hospital, where she died during treatment.
According to the information, the girl, resident of Hamirpur city, had come to the wedding procession from Orai on 3 February. The girl has no parents. Brother is a government employee who is married. On February 4, the girl left and reached her in-laws' house.

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The girl's sister-in-law said that on February 7, she had gone to Kanpur with her husband to attend a wedding ceremony, when she received a call from Nand's in-laws, who alleged that he had married the girl by hiding his illness. He is vomiting and is unwell.

According to the sister-in-law, they left the wedding in Kanpur and reached Orai on the same day, from where the sister-in-law was directly admitted to a private nursing home in Kanpur. Where he was treated. But there was no rest.

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Nanda told her sister-in-law about her husband's cruelty.
The bride's sister-in-law told that her father had informed her over the phone about her ill health. Also told why his health had deteriorated.

The bride's sister-in-law told that the groom had sex with her sister-in-law after taking sex enhancing pills, which worsened her condition. After this the girl was shown to a gynecologist.

After checkup, the gynecologist told that the relationship with the girl was as if she had been gang raped. The girl suffered internal injuries. Due to which the infection spread and on February 10, at 3:30 in the day, the girl died in Kanpur. After the post-mortem, there was an uproar when the body reached home on Monday.

The brother of the deceased says that he will file a report against the in-laws. Kotwal Anoop Singh told that the entire incident took place in Orai. No one has filed any complaint here yet.