Tuesday , July 23 2024

India's 'Brahmastra' will protect Philippines from China, Brahmos missile base is also ready

BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missile: China will no longer be bound in chains because the Philippines has built the first base of the world's fastest supersonic cruise missile Brahmos towards the South China Sea. From here, the Philippines can target Chinese warships, drones, planes etc. whenever it wants.

Its base is in western Luzon, Philippines. The development of this base is clearly visible in satellite images. Philippines has signed the Brahmos missile deal with India in the year 2022. They bought 3 batteries of this missile. So that the Philippine Marine Corps Coastal Defense Regiment can protect their country from China.

The new BrahMos missile base is at Naval Station Leovigildo Gantiokoi in Zambales, western Luzon. The base is being built south of the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy. It previously housed amphibious assault and coastal defense training. Marine Amphibious Assault Vehicles are also maintained there.

When and for how much was the deal done with India?

Troubled by China's actions, Philippines sought help from India. They have signed a deal of Rs 3131 crore with India in the year 2022. After two years, India has handed over the world's fastest cruise missile to the Philippines. Philippines is 996% smaller than India in size. The population is only 11.46 crore.

The Philippines is deploying missiles acquired from India in places where it can respond to Chinese attacks. The Philippines' military strength has increased significantly since the acquisition of BrahMos. BrahMos is one of the few supersonic cruise missiles in the world that can be launched from anywhere.

Philippines wants two types of BrahMos missiles

Philippines wants anti-ship and land attack Brahmos missiles. At present, it has been given land attack Brahmos missiles. There are more than six versions of Brahmos. These missiles weigh 1200 to 3000 kg and are 20 to 28 feet long. This missile can carry 200 to 300 kg of nuclear or conventional weapons. This missile can go up to a height of 15 km. The range is 290 to 800 km. The good thing is that it flies a few feet above the sea. Therefore it is not seen on the radar. Speed ​​3704 kilometers per hour.

The Philippines has only ocean around it

The total area of ​​the Philippines is 343,448 square km. It is a group of 7641 small islands in the South China Sea. To the west is the South China Sea. To the east is the Philippine Sea and to the south is the Celebes Sea. The Philippines shares its maritime borders with Taiwan, Japan, Palau, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and China. It is the 12th most populous country in the world.

Brahmos missile is twice as fast as Tomahawk and is invisible to the enemy

The Brahmos missile is capable of changing its path in the air. It also destroys moving targets. It is capable of flying at a height of 10 meters, which means enemy radars cannot detect it. It can deceive any other missile detection system. It is almost impossible to kill it. The Brahmos missile flies twice as fast as the American Tomahawk missile.