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Indian Railway: Have you seen ‘this’ nonstop train in India? – News India Live

Indian Rail:There are trains in India which are very famous. There are many such trains in the world which are even ahead of fast and superfast. One of the popular trains is the Bullet train. We all know about bullet train. We must have done research about them many times (Indian Railway Interesting Facts). But there are also trains in India which are fast and non-stop superfast. There is one such train about which we are going to tell you. Do you know which train this is? You might not even be able to do hair. Yes, if you guessed it, you guessed it right. The name of this train is Nizamuddin-Trivandrum (Kerala) Rajdhani Express (Nizamuddin Trivandrum Rajdhani Express), do you know how fast this train runs? (Indian Railway Nizamuddin Trivandrum Rajdhani Express runs 528 km fast, know about this train)

Which way?

How much do you know about Indian Railways, if you do not know then it is important to know. The Nizamuddin-Trivandrum (Kerala) Rajdhani Express runs non-stop from Kota in Rajasthan to Vadodara in Gujarat. This train can easily cover a distance of 528 km without stopping. This journey is completed in 6.30 hours. This train has also left behind the Shatabdi Express.

Know about ‘this’ train!

According to the information revealed, this train travels a total distance of 2845 kilometers in a year. 1993 This train started. This train operates from Delhi on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday and from Kerala on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. From Delhi this train goes via Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa. There are 12 coaches in this train.

Very few people know about Indian Railways. The history of Indian Railways also surprises us. Earlier people used to get scared on seeing the train, but now people travel by hanging from the train and reach home safely. Along with this, the local train of Mumbai also became very popular. In no time it became the lifeline of Mumbai. The history of the train is so short that it can be saved but at the same time it is very interesting to know about these trains.

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