Friday , June 14 2024

Indian languages ​​get their breath from Sanskrit

Jaipur, 21 February (HS). For the survival of Indian languages, it is very important to preserve the existence of Sanskrit language. When Sanskrit words and literature enter the Indian language, the folk languages ​​become enriched. This was said by Shastri Kosalendra Das, Head of the Philosophy Department, as the keynote speaker in the seminar held on International Mother Language Day at Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Rajasthan Sanskrit University on Wednesday.

He said that people should speak to their children in local dialects, so that mother tongues can be preserved. Saraswat guest Dr. Rajdhar Mishra emphasized on building bridges between the languages ​​spoken in different parts. He expressed the need to increase the culture of literary exchange between languages. Vice Chancellor Prof. presiding. Ramsevak Dubey said that cultural and linguistic diversity is necessary for the society. To establish peace, it is important to preserve the differences in cultures and languages, which promote tolerance and respect for others. Seminar coordinator Dr. Vinod Sharma explained in detail about the technical measures to preserve languages. The composition was done by Dr. Shashi Kumar Sharma and Mangalachar was done by Atharva Vedic scholar Dr. Narayan Hosmane. Many teachers and students including Dr. Mataprasad Sharma, Dr. Snehlata Sharma and Dr. Devendra Sharma were present on this occasion.