Tuesday , July 23 2024

India is bringing its ancient sculptures from abroad: On the other hand, foreign investment has increased in the country: Modi

Sambhal (UP): 'The cycle of time is turning, it is about to take a complete turn. While laying the foundation stone of 'Shri Kalki Dham Temple' in Sambalpur, Uttar Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi further said that on one hand India is bringing its ancient idols from abroad, while on the other hand foreign capital investment in India is also increasing.

On one hand, pilgrimage sites are also being developed, while other cities are also getting hi-tech infrastructure.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of this temple in Sambalpur, Uttar Pradesh, prominent sages, saints, scholars and religious leaders from across the country were also present.

In the speech given at the foundation stone laying ceremony, the Prime Minister said that our ancient sculptures are being brought back from abroad, but foreign investment in the country is increasing. The wheel of time is now turning.

It is well known that ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu have been imagined out of which Kalki incarnation is written in the Puranas as coming now. But a temple of this tenth incarnation has also been built here (in Sambhalpur).

At the time of foundation stone laying in Uttar Pradesh. Mister. Yogi Adityanath was also present. Kalki Dham Peethadheeshwar Acharya Pramodkrishnam was also present. He also released a model of this temple and showed it to the Prime Minister and Yogi Adityanath.

It is to be constructed by 'Shri Kalki Dham Mandir', 'Shri Kalki Dham Nirman Trust'. The president of that trust is Acharya Pramod Krishnam. The Prime Minister further said in his speech that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had asked us to be proud of our identity.