Monday , May 20 2024

India can play an important role in peaceful resolution of Russia-Ukraine war: Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine

It has been two years since the war between Russia and Ukraine. The armies of both the countries are still fighting against each other. Both sides have also suffered huge losses. However, no one is willing to back down.

This war does not seem to be ending in the near future, but the Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine has given an important statement regarding India. Deputy Foreign Minister Irina Borovets has described India as the voice of the Global South and said that India needs to play an important role in finding a peaceful solution to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

He further said that Ukraine has invited India for the Global Peace Summit to be held in Switzerland in March. India has an important role at the global level. India is a global leader and the voice of the global south. India has always respected the sovereignty of Ukraine. I think India can take action for a peaceful resolution of this war. India needs to be a part of this exercise.

It is noteworthy that India had recently adopted a neutral stance in this war and had appealed to both the countries to stop the war. Last year, PM Modi had said in the presence of Russian President Putin that the current era is not the era to fight war.