Friday , April 19 2024

India alliance is a procession of scammers, not Janbandhan but Thugbandhan: Ravindra Shukla

Jhansi, 02 April (Hindus). No matter how many attacks the leaders of India Alliance make on Prime Minister Modi, the Prime Minister is not going to stop. For the Prime Minister, 140 crore people of the country are his family and Modi is fighting to save his family from the corrupt. The one who has looted the country will have to return it, this is Modi's guarantee. This is a procession of scammers where everyone wants to loot the country and also want that its corruption should not be discussed, they also want that no action should be taken, this alliance is not a public bond but a thug bandhan. This was said by former minister Ravindra Shukla and BJP District President Jhansi Metropolitan Hemant Parihar while jointly discussing with journalists at the Bharatiya Janata Party district office on Tuesday.

While talking to journalists, the former minister said that Aam Aadmi Party says that a rally is being organized in support of Kejriwal's arrest. Congress says that this is not a rally in support of any individual but of the entire alliance. Congress Aam Aadmi Party is doing Ilu Ilu in Delhi but in Punjab it is happening 'Hum Aapke Hain Kaun', in West Bengal Mamata refused to fight together, in Bihar RJD declared its candidates first, in Karnataka Uddhav Thackeray declared his candidates first. MPs and MLAs are leaving Congress and Aam Aadmi Party, no one is paying any attention to Congress in Uttar Pradesh. Their work is to loot as much as possible, tell new lies every day, abuse Modi, defame the country, abuse Hindu religion, if action is taken then go to court, even rebuke the court, play victim card, call it a threat to the country's democracy, mislead the public. All the taxes should be collected, speak loudly and behind your back, say that save corruption.

If you look at this group, you will know that there are corrupt people who are either in jail or on bail in corruption cases. He said, look at their faces, there is a black spot of scam and corruption on every face, even the court is not granting bail to the jailed leaders. Income tax recovery from Congress party. Its top leadership, which has been accused of scams since independence till today, is running from jail to well due to a scam of Rs 5000 crore. Congress should tell whether the notice given by Income Tax is right or wrong and whether you have evaded tax or not.

During the press conference, Milk Union President Pradeep Saraogi, Vinod Nayak, District Media Incharge Prayanshu De, Sahjendra Singh Baghel, Saurabh Mishra, former District President Yuva Morcha Tilak Yadav, District Vice President Akhilesh Gupta, Shelendra Pratap Singh, Nishant Shukla, Rohit Parihar, Praveen Shivhare. , Bhupendra Arya, Salil Tiwari, Kamlesh Parihar etc. were present.