Tuesday , June 18 2024

Incense sticks are made from flowers offered in the temple, hanging baskets are made from plastic bottles

Ghaziabad, June 10 (HS). The Municipal Corporation's 'Waste to Best' campaign is yielding results. Under this campaign, incense sticks are being made from flowers offered in temples and hanging baskets are being made from plastic bottles.

Municipal Commissioner Vikramaditya Malik said that the Municipal Corporation is making the city residents aware about garbage separation every day. People are being made aware about garbage separation in door to door garbage collection. The team of Swachh Bharat Mission is also active in making the city residents aware about garbage separation by visiting the inner wards as a campaign.

He informed that there are four types of compartments in door to door garbage collection vehicles. For which the SBM team makes people aware and gets the garbage dumped in different compartments in the order of the type of garbage. Also, appeals are being made to separate wet and dry garbage inside the houses. In which Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation seems to be successful.

He said that housewives have played an important role in waste segregation.

Inspired by the awareness campaign, many skilled housewives of ward number 45 Karera Mohan Nagar are making incense sticks from the waste collected from flowers at their homes. This is an inspiration for other city dwellers.

He informed that in ward number 67 Kavi Nagar zone, skilled housewives are taking forward the campaign of waste to waste and are making useful household items using household waste, in which many skilled housewives have made hanging baskets from waste. Useful items are made from dry waste in which pencil stands, night lamps, hanging baskets, cloth bags are being made.