In view of the increasing trend of ‘work from home’, CAT appeals to the PM to make a new policy

New Delhi: The practice of work from home has gone on very fast since the beginning of the corona epidemic, now the Prime Minister has been urged to formulate a policy on this trend. According to the Confederation of All India Traders (CAT), the work from home culture has evolved rapidly in the last two COVID years and there is a need for concrete and structural rules and policies for the smooth running of this module.

CAIT has urged PM Modi to frame rules and regulations for work from home working model, so that disputes and conflicts between employers and employees can be avoided at any stage in future.

CAT’s National General Secretary Praveen Khandelwal said that, in a letter to PM Modi, it has been mentioned that Kovid-19 has brought a new business model, work from home, in India and across the world. This model has evolved on its own and has emerged as a successful model across the country. The work from home model has accelerated the practice of working in the office space even in extreme conditions.

Not only the corporate or industry sector but also the self-organized sector consisting of small businesses has adopted it. This model has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of infrastructure and it is certain that this work from home culture will continue even after the resolution of the COVID crisis as it has now become an integral part of trade and commerce.

Recently, the Delhi government has ordered the closure of private offices and work from home. Similarly, many other states have also asked people to work from home by imposing many restrictions.