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In this match, Sachin had diarrhea, he kept TCU in his underwear, batted for 3 hours and made India win the match | Live Updates, Unveiling the Latest India News Trends

Sachin Tendulkar: Sachin Tendulkar is called the God of Cricket. Sachin Tendulkar scored 18426 runs in ODIs and 15,921 runs in Tests in his career. Sachin has also scored 100 international centuries in all formats. Sachin Tendulkar did not even worry about his health in some matches during his career and India won the match. There were 2 such matches during the World Cup 2003.

Sachin Tendulkar risked his life

In the World Cup 2003, Sachin Tendulkar scored 98 runs against Pakistan. Although he suffered a hamstring injury during this match, Sachin Tendulkar batted vigorously on the pitch. Sachin has mentioned this in his autobiography and written that the only match in which he had to take a runner was against Pakistan. During this match, he was not even able to stand properly. He felt as if a 500 kg load was tied to his leg. Due to which he had to keep a runner. However, playing the match in such conditions also caused a lot of damage to Sachin's body. Sachin scored 98 runs in this match.

TSU was put in underwear

After Pakistan, Indian players had to face a lot of problems in the match against Sri Lanka. Very few people know about these problems. When India was playing against Sri Lanka in the World Cup, Sachin got diarrhea. For this, he had to keep tissue paper in his underwear. He scored 97 runs against Sri Lanka and led the Indian team to victory by 123 runs.

Sachin Tendulkar said that he drank too much salt water before the match against Sri Lanka, due to which he had side effects and stomach problems. He should have drunk salt water for energy, but he got diarrhea due to increasing the amount of water. Sachin Tendulkar revealed that he had to wear underwear during the match against Sri Lanka in the 2003 World Cup. Despite unbearable pain in the stomach, he batted for three hours in this match and scored 97 runs.