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In Mansa district, for the third consecutive day, a young man was swallowed by debt, a wave of mourning in the area.

Manasa: In Punjab, farmers are on the path of suicide due to crop failure and lack of government support in the last few years. A wave of mourning also spread in village Dhillwan of Mansa district when the young man was swallowed by the enormity of debt. Meanwhile, it is a matter of concern that three youths committed suicide in three days and left their families in debt.

Makhan Singh Bhaini Bagha, state committee member of Bharatiya Kisan Union (Ekta), Dakaunda Dhaner, who reached the news of this, said that 24-year-old youth Mintu Singh, son of Sukhdev Singh, who was from the laborer community. Being landless, the family used to take land on contract and also did private jobs. Due to financial constraints of the family the young man had not married yet. But once again, due to financial and mental breakdown due to crop failure, the young man ended his life by swallowing sulfa pills, due to which his family incurred a debt of about Rs 4 lakh.

He said that after the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party government, the suicides of farmers and laborers have increased instead of decreasing because after coming to power, three consecutive crops have been ruined, lumpy skins, houses have been damaged due to rain and floods. Despite repeated announcements, Kodi has not yet received financial assistance from the government. He also said that before the elections, when AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal had come to Mansa and asked people to vote in a palace, he had said that after the AAP government comes to power, there will not be a single suicide. But today Annadata is going through such an economic recession that there have been three suicides in three consecutive days.

He demanded from the government that the government should support those families who are constantly burdened with debt and all the loans should be canceled due to the loss of the family’s source of income.

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