Saturday , July 13 2024

Importance of FPO, farmers need to work by planning

Mirzapur, 21 February (HS). Under Self-reliant Farmers Integrated Development Scheme, Divisional Commissioner Vindhyachal Division Dr. Muthukumar Swami B. A one-day training and workshop at divisional and district level was organized in the Commissioner's Auditorium on Wednesday under the chairmanship of Commissioner for increasing the efficiency of farmer producers.

Divisional Commissioner discussed in detail about the importance of FPO in the present context and to increase the income of farmers by bringing small and marginal farmers and other small producers on one platform and establishing them as a business. In view of less rainfall and decrease in ground water level in the three districts of the division, especially in Sonbhadra and Mirzapur, farmers were advised to choose crops that require less water. He said that instead of traditional farming, farmers need to promote the cultivation of millets (coarse grains) in areas with low rainfall. Emphasized the need to plan and work on cow-based natural farming and packaging, grading, marketing etc. of millets (coarse grains).

The aim is to make the farmers stand on their own feet by doing farming using scientific method.

Senior scientist, Indian Vegetable Research Institute, Varanasi said that the main objective of FPO is to raise the social status of small farmers. For this, farmers have to stand on their own feet by forming small clusters of small and marginal farmers at the rural level and doing farming using scientific methods as per the contemporary demand.

Formation of 143 FPOs in the division

Joint Agriculture Director Vindhyachal Mandal said that at present 80 FPOs have been formed in Mirzapur district, 26 in Sonbhadra and 37 in Bhadohi through various institutions. Keeping in view the main challenges of FPO, different experts and scientists from different subjects have been called in this workshop. By taking advantage of this opportunity, FPOs can become the main source of increasing their income as well as the income of farmers.