Saturday , April 13 2024

Implementation of drinking water system and public welfare schemes of the government – ​​Vedavati Kashyap

Jagdalpur, 15 February (Hindustan Reporter). District Panchayat President Vedwati Kashyap said in the District Panchayat General Assembly meeting held in the auditorium of District Panchayat Bastar that concrete arrangements should be made for summer drinking water system in rural areas. In this direction, attention should be paid to the maintenance of solar dual pumps and hand pumps along with proper maintenance of tap water schemes. Also, if it is repairable, necessary repair work should be done as soon as possible. At the same time, let us all participate together to benefit the eligible people on a large scale from the public welfare schemes of the government.

District Panchayat President Mrs. Vedwati Kashyap surveyed the dependent villages and hamlets of all Gram Panchayats and stressed on the maintenance and proper maintenance of drinking water sources for proper drinking water arrangements in summer. At the same time, he asked to focus on the availability of health services, availability of medicines including institutional delivery facilities by ensuring the presence of doctors and other paramedical staff at the health centres. Also, emphasis was laid on ensuring necessary initiatives for prevention and treatment of summer infectious diseases. District Panchayat Vice President Maniram Kashyap, District Panchayat members and DFO Uttam Gupta and district level officers of various departments were present in the meeting.