If you want to get your love then just chant this mantra

Well, there is a lot of power in love. No one can take away love. Cupid is considered the god of love. Everything related to Kamadeva is found in Rigveda, Arthavaveda and other scriptures. Many people worship him for getting a good married life. So someone worships to get the love of his lover or girlfriend. There is also a mantra of Kamadeva, whose chanting attracts your love towards you.

Known as the God of Love:

Kamadeva is the husband of Rati who is said to be the goddess of love. Unless both of them have mercy, people do not get their love. In such a situation, to awaken love for yourself in the heart of the person you love, you have to chant the ‘Clean Mantra’. This mantra is very powerful to get love from opposite sex.

Benefits of Kamadeva Mantra and Chanting:

“Om namo Bhagwate kamdevaya, yasya yasya visho bhavami, yascha yascha mam mukham pachyati ta mohyatu swaha”

Gender sensitivity increases by chanting this mantra daily and praying to Cupid. On getting up every morning and chanting this mantra 108 times in the evening, the mantra becomes perfect. With this, there are full chances of meeting love.