If you want a beautiful wife then do this trick of cardamom

Through Vastu tips and astrology, we used to tell how you can improve your love-life and become rich, but today we will tell you some tricks according to astrology, through which you can shower love and money in your life. For which you just have to work with small cardamom.

Cardamom Tricks:

# Money: If you want to become rich, then you must always keep 5 cardamoms in your purse.

# Beautiful wife: If you have a desire to have a beautiful wife, then every Thursday morning donate five cardamoms along with yellow clothes to a poor person.

# Promotion: If you are not getting the desired salary or promotion even after doing a lot of hard work, then you should sleep with a cardamom tied in a green cloth every night and keep it under the pillow and give it to an outsider in the morning.

# Study: If you want good marks in studies, then boil a small cardamom in milk and give it to a poor person on seven Mondays, your hard work will pay off.

# Romance: If there is a decrease in romance, then drink cardamom milk every night from today itself, love will start raining.

# Peace: For happiness and peace, start consuming cardamom regularly in dinner. The smell of the house will rise.