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If you take tension you will definitely fall ill! To improve mental health, do these things first

Healthy Mind: Along with health, good mental health is also very important. Mental health affects our ability to think, understand, feel and act. Our habits and our thoughts also depend on our mental health. If our habits are good then our mental health will also be good, says Dr. Samant Darshi, psychiatrist of Asith Super Specialty Hospital. However, there are some habits which have a bad effect on mental health. That is why many times people fall prey to mental illness.

If your mental health is not good then you may become a victim of mental illness. This is a type of disorder, which is related to the brain. These disorders affect a person's ability to behave, think, and understand. Mental illness is often caused by anxiety, stress, excessive addiction to something or bad eating habits.

What do mental health experts say?
According to mental health experts, our mental health is not just related to mood but to the entire body. In such a situation, people become victims of depression due to some carelessness, hence we have to control some of our habits.

improve your habits
: 1) Reduce stress-
We have seen that in this busy life, everyone is surrounded by stress due to some reason or the other. This stress has a direct impact on our mental health. Stress occurs due to workload, other illnesses, family disputes etc., which affects our mental health, you should avoid such stress.

2) Give yourself time-
In the era of competition, everyone wants to come forward, in such a situation many people work hard and earn a lot of money. If you continue to work even on holidays, it has a negative impact on your mental health. So you give yourself time. It is very important to give rest to your body and mind, yoga and exercise are very important to keep your body healthy.

3) Eat healthy diet-
Not eating enough food has a direct impact on mental health. You should include foods that are nutritious, foods that promote mental health…including omega 3 fatty acids, berries, green vegetables, etc.

4) Not getting enough sleep-
We all know that sleep is most beneficial for the body, a person should sleep at least 8 hours every day, less sleep has a great impact on the mental health of people.

Healthy ways to relieve stress and stay fresh:
go for a walk,
Call a good friend,
Reduce stress by doing good work,
take a long bath,
drink hot coffee or tea
play with pets
read a good book
Listen to music.

Stress can be defined as any physical, chemical or emotional factor that causes physical or mental disturbance and may even be a factor in the development of disease. Physical and chemical factors that cause stress include trauma, infections, substance abuse, diseases, and injuries of any kind.