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If you see these symptoms in urine then understand that your kidney is getting damaged

Symptoms of kidney failure: Kidneys are an important part of our body. Therefore, it is important that the kidneys remain healthy and function well. If a person gets kidney disease, his life is in danger. The function of the kidney is to remove waste and excess fluid from the blood through urine. The kidney acts as a filter for the body, if the kidney gets damaged, the person feels constant fatigue. Apart from this, there are some other symptoms which indicate that the kidney is getting damaged.

It is important to consider these symptoms of kidney failure. When the kidney is damaged, some symptoms appear in the urine. If these symptoms are understood in time and the help of a doctor is taken, then kidney failure can be prevented. Kidney failure is the last stage when there is a kidney problem. If you do not reach this stage, then you should know the symptoms of kidney failure and seek the help of a doctor. What are these symptoms? Let us tell you.

This symptom is seen when the kidney is damaged

– People with kidney failure may experience a change in their urine pattern. This is the first symptom that should not be ignored.

– When the kidney gets damaged, the urine also gives out an unbearable smell.

– If the colour of urine starts becoming yellow, then understand that there is some kidney related problem.

– If there is a problem in the kidney, the person has to urinate frequently. Pain is also felt while urinating. Or less urination can also be a symptom of a kidney related problem.

– If there is foam while urinating, it is not a good sign and you should contact a doctor immediately. When the kidneys are unable to filter out the protein, foam starts appearing in the urine.

– In case of any kidney related disease, the person's body gets swollen, feels like vomiting, feels constantly tired and also feels less hungry. If such symptoms are seen, seek the help of a specialist immediately.