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If you have moles on these parts of your body, then understand that you are very lucky | Live Updates, Unveiling the Latest India News Trends

Lucky Moles: A person's behavior and future are explained in detail in Samudrik Shastra. In this, the entire body has been analyzed, from which many things can be found out about the person. There are moles at many places in the body. In Samudra Shastra it is believed that every mole has a special meaning. While some moles are considered auspicious, some moles on the body are also considered to be associated with inauspicious results. In such a situation, let us know that according to Samudra Shastra, having a mole on which part of the body is lucky for a person.

mole on forehead

If a person has a mole on his forehead then it is considered a good omen. Because it is said in Samudra Shastra that such a person does not face any money related problems in life. Apart from this, if a person has a mole on or around his navel then it is also an auspicious sign. These people never have to face poverty.

Mole on the cheek

It is said in Samudra Shastra that if a person has a mole on his right cheek then it is considered very good. Such a person always lives a happy life. However, having a mole on the left cheek is not a good sign. According to Samudra Shastra, such a person is more expensive.

Mole on the chest

According to Samudra Shastra, a person who has a mole in the middle of his chest is very lucky. Such a person gets a lot of respect in life. If a person has a mole near his neck, it is also considered a good omen. Such a person also earns a lot of money in life.

mole on nose

It is believed in Samudrik Shastra that a person who has a mole on the right side of his nose always gets financial benefits in life. Along with this, if a person has a mole on the palm of his right hand then it brings happiness in his life.