Thursday , April 18 2024

If you have an Indian driving license then you can enjoy long drives in these eight countries…

8 countries that accept Indian driving license Traveling to different places in different countries of the world is a wonderful experience in life. Which introduces many experiences and cultures of different places. The thrill of a road trip is different in that too. If you can enjoy a road trip abroad by driving yourself, then it will be fun. So today let us tell you the list of countries where Indian driving license is also valid.

1. New Zealand

The stunning landscapes make New Zealand a great destination for a road trip. If you're at least 21 years old and have an English driving license you can enjoy New Zealand, from the mountains to the beaches. Here your license will be valid for one year.

2. Singapore

Although Singapore usually requires an international driving license, you can still drive on its roads for one year if you have a valid Indian driving license in English. Singapore's strict traffic rules and well-maintained roads contribute to a smooth driving experience. In which you can enjoy the modern infrastructure of Singapore with self drive.

3. South Africa

Explore the fascinating cities of South Africa with your Indian driving license. The only condition is that this driving license should be printed in English. South Africa's road network spans diverse landscapes from the vineyards of Stellenbosch to the wildlife-rich Kruger National Park. Enjoy the freedom of driving in the beautiful cities of South Africa with an Indian license.

4. United Kingdom

It is natural to be surprised after reading the name of UK in this list, but Indian driving license is valid for one year in UK also. But only the vehicle mentioned in the driving license is allowed to drive.

5. Switzerland

Even in Switzerland, you can use the Indian driving license for one year. Here also the license will be valid only in English. It is also possible to rent and drive a car in Switzerland.

6. Sweden

It is possible to drive in Sweden with an Indian driving license, but it is very important that your license is in Swedish, English, French, German or Norwegian.

7. Spain

You can go on a road trip in Spain with your Indian driving license after completing the required residence registration. If necessary, you may need to present proof of your identity, so make sure it is readily available.

8. Bhutan

Indian citizens can drive four-wheelers or two-wheelers in Bhutan with their Indian driving license. You simply need to obtain a vehicle permit to drive across the country.