Wednesday , July 24 2024

If you do this work on Wednesday night, you will never face shortage of money

Wednesday Remedy In Sanatan Dharma, Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and he is given the status of the first worshipped deity. It is said that if Lord Ganesha is worshipped before doing any auspicious work, then success is achieved in the work. Apart from this, career also progresses with the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Wednesday is a very special day to please Lord Ganesha. If some special measures are adopted along with worshipping him on this day, then one gets relief from financial crisis and new ways of earning money also open up.

Do this remedy on Wednesday night

Many times, despite working hard, one has to face obstacles in career. In such a situation, go to the temple of Lord Ganesha on Wednesday night and offer him 21 Shami leaves. Offering Shami leaves pleases Lord Ganesha and removes obstacles in career.

According to astrology, to get rid of money related problems, one should go to the temple on Wednesday and light a ghee lamp under the Peepal tree. By adopting this remedy, money related problems are removed and happiness and prosperity comes.

If you want to progress in your job and business, then sleep on Wednesday night with 6 cardamoms under your pillow. Then the next day throw those cardamoms in some deserted place. Be careful not to interfere while doing this. By adopting this remedy, the path to increase in wealth and success opens up.

Chant this mantra on Wednesday night between 8 and 10 pm, sitting on a mat in front of Lord Ganesha. 'Vakra Tunda Mahakaya, Surya Koti Samprabha. 'Always the auspicious work of the Lord in Akhand Kuru.'