If you do this work in the morning, then the whole day will become auspicious and fruitful.

According to the scriptures, if the beginning of a person’s day is good, then his whole day becomes auspicious and fruitful, due to which all his work gets completed on that day. But if a person’s morning gets spoiled due to some reason, then none of his work gets completed on that day.

Keep these things in mind in the morning:

# A person should not look at himself in the mirror as soon as he wakes up in the morning. By doing this, the effect of negative energy remains on the person, due to which his whole day does not go well.

Waking up in the morning, the person should first remember his worship, so that the effect of negativity on him ends and his day is auspicious.

# If a person hears the sound of a conch shell or a temple bell early in the morning, then positive energy flows within him which makes the person’s day auspicious.

# A person should put a picture of positivity like coconut, conch, peacock, swan or flower etc. in his bedroom.

# It is considered auspicious for a person to wake up in the morning and see his palm first, by doing this the person’s day goes well.