If you do this work every morning, then all the work will be spoiled

Many such remedies have been told in astrology, which makes it easy for a person to get success. If you have a good morning then your whole day will be happy. Therefore, according to the scriptures, these five things must be done in the morning to make the day happy.

These 5 things should be done in the morning:

Every person should take bath regularly in the morning after dealing with daily activities, by doing this your whole day is auspicious and full of energy.

# After taking bath every morning, one should donate to a person daily, by doing this there is always peace in your house and your house remains full of wealth.

# Regularly light a lamp of pure ghee in front of Tulsi plant in your house in the morning and evening. Due to this, there is peace and happiness in the house.

# Worship God after bathing daily and after worshiping one hundred and eight times chant Gayatri Mantra. This removes the negative energy of the house.