Tuesday , June 18 2024

If you are planning to travel somewhere in summer, then start these preparations from now!

There are many places in India which are famous for their beauty. There are mountains, lakes, waterfalls etc. which attract a lot of people. Summer season may be troublesome but it is a very good season for travelling.

Are you also thinking of planning a trip in the coming summer, then we are going to tell you the best Indian tourist destinations to visit and some travel tips.


places to visit in india

From the paradise of Kashmir in the north to the gardens of Kerala in the south, the valleys of Assam in the east and the natural beauty of Gujarat in the west, India has a lot to see. Places like Manali, Nainital and Shimla attract a large number of tourists. South India is also famous for its greenery. Your trip can be made memorable by visiting tea gardens and taking a houseboat ride.

The culture of Nagaland in the east, Rajasthan in the west and the natural beauty of Assam are very much liked by the travelers from India and abroad. However, more tourists come for beach holidays or travel to cooler areas to enjoy the summer.

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Keep these things in mind:

If you are planning to travel with family during summer season, book your train or flight tickets in advance.

Find offers or other benefits on various online platforms for ticket booking.

Hotel rooms become very expensive during the season, so you should book a room in advance. Currently, hotels can be booked on many sites with great offers.

However, it is important to take care of your health during travel. Because if health deteriorates, the entire trip will have to be cancelled.