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If you are also a patient of depression, then get treatment soon

If we want to be healthy, then it is very important to be physically healthy as well as mentally healthy. The ever deteriorating lifestyle and increasing work pressure are forcing people of all ages to go through mental stress. This is the reason why people are facing problems like anxiety depression. But if you are thinking that this condition is harming your mental health then it is completely wrong.

In fact, depression and anxiety can lead to many new diseases. A recent Johns Hopkins Medicine study found that people who suffer from depression have an increased risk of heart disease. Researchers have come to this conclusion after researching about 5 lakh people aged 18 to 49 years. Let’s find out what the study says.

When you feel stressed, anxious or sad, your heart rate and blood pressure automatically increase, says Dr. Garima Sharma, senior author on the study and professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins. Also, people who feel lonely or low, gradually start choosing the wrong lifestyle. For example, most people with depression or anxiety smoke, drink alcohol, sleep less and become less physically active. These habits give chance to diseases

What does the study say?

Researchers surveyed 593,616 youth under the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. In the survey people were asked such questions as,

Has he ever been told he has a depressive disorder?

On how many days in the past month did they experience poor mental health?

Has he experienced a heart attack, stroke or chest pain?

Did they have risk factors for heart disease?

What was the result of the study?

Researchers found that people who felt depressed for several days had a higher risk of developing heart disease. Participants who reported 13 poor mental health were 1.5 times more likely to develop heart disease. Also, people with poor mental health for 14 or more days were twice as likely to develop heart disease.

research results

The misconception that has come to the fore in this research is no less than an advice or advice for the people. The study says that first of all people should pay attention to their mental health. But if there is any kind of mental tension, then while correcting it, do check your hands. It can improve overall health.

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