Friday , June 14 2024

If knee pain starts at an early age, then change these habits from today

The problem of knee pain is increasing among the youth. Changing lifestyle and eating habits are the main reasons for this. Knee is a part of the body which plays an important role in your running activity. However, pain is often felt when bending the knee, standing, or running. If you also have this problem then you need to be careful.

Dr. working as Director in the Spine Department of Civil Hospital. For this, Piyush Mittal gave some important information. He said that knee problems are usually seen in childhood, adolescence and the elderly. But this problem is more common in the elderly. However, for some time now this problem is being seen more among the youth.

Problem of knee pain increased in youth
If we look at the recent trend, the problem of knee pain has increased among the youth. The biggest reasons behind this are sedentary life, excess body weight and diet. We need to re-adapt the lifestyle of the people a few years ago. Should exercise.

Knee problems even in children
Some problems can cause knee pain even in children. Misalignment of the feet puts stress on the knees. Due to which the child has difficulty in walking. For this it is necessary to change his way of walking.

How to get relief from pain, how to get relief from pain
This can usually be achieved through lifestyle changes and regular exercise rather than a sedentary lifestyle. Apart from this, proper alignment of feet is also important while walking. It is also very important that the body weight should be in accordance with our height.