If eunuchs happily give these things, then understand that luck has shone

In Hinduism, eunuchs have been given a revered and important place. Without these, neither any auspicious work is started nor the happiness of any good work is celebrated. It is a belief that there are some things that a eunuch will never give to you, but once she gives one of those things to you, then your fortunes will open.

Get these things from the hands of the eunuch:

# Peepal Leaf: Lord Vishnu resides in the Peepal leaf. Keeping it close is considered very auspicious. If eunuchs give peepal leaves with their own hands, then no one can stop their luck from shining.

# One Rupee Coin: It is said that the donation made to the eunuch provides inexhaustible virtue and not only this, their prayers save the person from any kind of calamity.

# If the eunuch with her happiness returns you a coin of even one rupee, then you wrap it in a green cloth and keep it in your purse or safe. All the problems related to money get removed.

Rice offered in Lakshmi Puja: According to the scriptures, it is also necessary to worship Goddess Lakshmi in money related problems. If you get this rice from the hands of eunuchs, then life will be successful.