Monday , May 20 2024

IAS wife Smita of Mahabharata's 'Shri Krishna' revealed shocking secrets, said – those are our conversations secretly recorded…

Nitish Bhardwaj and Smita Gate: The personal life of actor Nitish Bhardwaj, who won people's hearts by playing the role of Lord Krishna in 'Mahabharata', is currently surrounded by many problems. These days, Nitish Bhardwaj has become a topic of discussion among people regarding his personal life.

Nitish Bhardwaj has separated from his wife Smita Bhardwaj and is also fighting a case in the court for the custody of children. Civil war is going on in Nitish Bhardwaj's house. The series of controversies started when he accused his former IAS wife Smita Gate of not allowing him to meet their daughters.

On this, Smita Gate broke her silence and said that she had met the girls this month. Wife Smita Gate told people that Nitish has demanded money in exchange for divorce and also alleged that he is not giving any money for the girls' upbringing despite the court order. However, Nitish also hit back and said that all these allegations are false.

Now another big news related to Nitish Bhardwaj and Smita Gate is coming out. It is being said that Smita has sought help from the court to sell Nitish's property. According to a source, Smita Bhardwaj has filed an application in the court to recover Rs 10,000 for both her daughters as promised by Nitish Bhardwaj. This is called 'Darghahast'.

The source said- The commitment has been duly recorded by the court, on the basis of which the interim order has been given. Smita Ghat has sought the court's help in seizing Nitish Bhardwaj's immovable property and selling old household items so that she can use the money to help her daughters.

Smita Gate's lawyer Chinmoy Vaidya said- All I can say is that Darkhaast has been filed in the family court and since the matter is sub-judice, I cannot comment on it. Earlier in an interview, Smita had said that Nitish was pressurizing her for money.

Smita said- He is pressurizing me for money, thinking that if I leave the job then our marriage will continue, otherwise I will have to pay the price of divorce. Smita accused Nitish Bhardwaj and said- He was secretly recording our conversations since 2016. I was surprised to see his behaviour. He believes that our joint apartment in Pune could put his property at risk due to the ongoing legal case with Prasar Bharati.

Smita Gate further said- To protect his personal interests, Nitish has insisted that the property should be completely owned by him. I contributed towards purchasing it which they now want to claim and the property was purchased by me. Smita further said- His demand for minor expenses like milk shows his inappropriate behaviour. Despite my efforts to maintain the relationship and support the children, he continues to manipulate the situation to his advantage.

Let us tell you that IAS Smita Gate is currently working on the post of Additional Chief Secretary in Bhopal. Nitish Bhardwaj and Smita had filed for divorce in the court in the year 2021, the case is still going on in the court. Nitish's first marriage was to Monisha Patil. Both of them got married in the year 1991 but their relationship broke in the year 2005.