Thursday , April 18 2024

'I was watching 'Oli' movie at night, suddenly aunty came into the room' Hero's big revelation

bollywood news: Vikrant Massey is the hero of our 12th Failed IPS story. Regarding which a big revelation has been made. Bollywood actors Vikrant Massey, Harshvardhan Rane and Taapsee Pannu are in controversy regarding their film Haseen Dilruba. Recently, all three artists have told some heart-touching stories of their lives. When the artistes appeared on a radio show, the RJ asked them if they had ever been caught watching something they should not have. On this, Vikrant Massey has shared an interesting incident with everyone.

Messi caught watching adult film-
In an interview, actor Vikrant Massey told that this incident happened to him when he was living at his grandmother's house. He told me that my cousin was watching an adult movie. Then suddenly aunty came into the room. We never thought that aunty would come into the room at 3 in the morning. Then we felt very ashamed.

felt embarrassed
– Vikrant Massey told that after this incident, whenever he had to ask his aunt for a glass of water or anything else, he felt very embarrassed. He was not able to make eye contact with his aunt. Although aunt never told mother.

Never told anyone-
Vikrant Massey said that he never told this to his mother or anyone else. It is important to understand that children are growing up. Taapsee Pannu said that whatever was seen in her house was what her father wanted to see. During this period, whenever a dark scene appeared on the screen, a very strange situation would arise.

Harshvardhan told his story-
Harshvardhan Rane narrated his story. He used to read cheap novels and go to watch B grade movies. In those days such films were shown in theatres. Harsh Vardhan said that the film was strange. Because you had to wait for hours to see the scene you wanted to see in the movie.