Husband made a plan to rape his own wife, called a friend home and then…

Singapore: A man has been sentenced to three years in prison for plotting to rape his own wife. Actually, there was a fantasy of seeing this man having a relationship with his wife. For this, he brought a colleague home and offered her to have sex with his wife. The victim was not aware that her husband wanted to rape her.

Husband got a chance after two years

According to the report of ‘Straits Times’, this matter is from Singapore. The couple has been married for 23 years and they also have three children, but despite this, the husband ruined everything due to his whims. He along with his friend made a plan to rape his own wife. He kept looking for the right opportunity for a long time, then when the opportunity came after two years, the 48-year-old husband called his 45-year-old partner home.

sedation mixed with alcohol

The executioner’s husband had already mixed sedation medicine in the wife’s alcohol. When both came to the bedroom, the man’s wife was lying unconscious with blindfolds. However, as soon as the unknown man tried to rape, the woman regained consciousness and the man panicked and ran away. After the whole matter came to light, the woman lodged a complaint against her husband. On Thursday, the High Court of Singapore gave its verdict in this matter. The court has sentenced the victim’s husband and his friend to three years’ imprisonment.

used to share sex life with colleague

According to the report, the woman’s husband and the other person became co-workers in 2015. The husband used to share all the things related to his sex life with his colleague. He told that he wants to see another man having sex with his wife. The husband persuaded his co-worker to have sex with his wife and on December 31, 2017, invited her to his house. First husband had sex with unconscious wife. After that the husband signaled to his friend to go to the wife. During this, the woman’s children and the maid were sleeping in another part of the house.

woman discovered husband’s friend

The man tried to forcibly have a relationship with the woman, but failed. The woman regained consciousness and tried to remove the blindfold when she realized that an unknown man was trying to have sex with her. Seeing this the man ran away. Later it was found that the person had erectile dysfunction. Somehow the woman found the man and got her husband and his friend to write a confession letter. After this the matter reached the court and now the accused have been sentenced.