Saturday , April 13 2024

How to get a shop allotted at the railway station, know the process and earn great income!

The Indian Railways network is the fourth largest rail network in the world. Indian Railways carries approximately 25 million passengers every day, which is equal to the total population of Australia. Trains in India have also been modernized and in this context, work is also being done on construction of high quality railway platforms. You must have often seen many shops at railway stations. From food items to books and many other essential items are available in these shops. In such a situation, this question might have come in your mind that how are these shops allotted and what is its process? We are going to tell you about this. Know here how you can apply to get a shop at the railway station.

Application Process:

Indian Railways issues tenders for catering in trains and setting up food stalls at railway stations. For this, applicants will have to fulfill the prescribed conditions. Only after this the license is issued and IRCTC remains responsible for this process.


To apply you have to visit the official website of IRCTC or the official website of Indian Railways, find the information in the tender field and apply accordingly.

Rent: Rent

Depending on the size and location of railway stations in India. The rent for opening a tea, coffee, food or book shop here can range from Rs 50 thousand to Rs 5 lakh. Complete information related to this will be provided to the applicant by IRCTC and necessary instructions will be given after the application is approved.